What are the opening hours for The Emirates A380 Experience?

The mall hours are Sun-Wed 10am - 10pm and Thurs-Sat from 10am -12 midnight. The mall hours are subject to change depending on special occasions, such as Eid trading hours or the Dubai Shopping Festival.

What is the ticket price?

The price for a 30-minute flight is 325 AED off peak and 375 AED peak. Emirates staff, Emirates Platinum card, Skywards Gold and Skywards Platinum card holders will receive a 20% discount. ID must be presented.

Can I book online?

YES, you can book your tickets online here as well as in person at the Emirates Official Store in Dubai Mall.

Can I change my booking?

YES, you will be able to change your booking prior to your confirmed time slot up to 48 hours before your flight is due. You must send an email to a380experience@emirates.com detailing your booking reference and your preferred new slot. Alternatively you can call 04 3882915 or 04 3882750

What do I do if I lose my ticket/boarding pass or booking reference number?

Staff at the Emirates Official Store, Dubai Mall will be able to reprint your boarding pass by searching for your name in the booking database.

How long is a simulator ride?

Basically you get a 30-minute time slot but you can add on as many slots as you want when you book. Each of them will cost you 325 AED off peak and 375 AED peak

How many people can use a simulator ticket?

You can bring a group of up to 5 people (including yourself) into the cockpit but we recommend 2 people to receive the optimum experience.

Only one person can fly at a time, one can be the co-pilot and the others will be able to watch you in action.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, children under the age of 9 cannot use the simulator (they will not be able to reach down to the pedals. Children aged 9 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult)

When do I have to be at the simulator?

You should be in the simulator area at least 10 minutes before your flight.

What does a simulator ride include?

Within one time slot you can take part in numerous flights choosing 12 different airports, preferred weather conditions and time of the day. The following flight simulations are available:

– Take Off
– Landing
– Advanced Landing

What flight routes can I chose from?

Currently you can take off from 12 different airports: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Boston (Emirates most recent route), Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London Heathrow, Munich, New York JFK, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Zurich.

Can I choose my flight options before I start my flight?

Yes, you can look up your booking at the economy seat area next to the simulator and pre-select your flight route, time of day and weather conditions. Once you enter the cockpit for your flight you can change your previous selection if necessary.

Will I get instructions whilst in the simulator?

YES, there is a tablet at the side of the cockpit where a pilot will provide you with verbal instructions. There will also be at least one member of staff there to assist you.

Is the Emirates A380 Experience accessible for disabled guests?

Guests in wheelchairs can access the cockpit however they will not able to use the simulator to the full extent. If you need any assistance, please ask any member of staff at any time.